The government of Japan on June 13 started a campaign to build support for the scheduled move from the incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs to LED bulbs by the year 2020. The campaign has been encouraged by the Environment Minister and is designed to raise public awareness to replace the incandescent and fluorescent lighting with more energy efficient LED lighting.

This will in turn help to avert energy shortages resulting in the shutdown of the majority of the country’s nuclear power plants. On Wednesday, the Senior Vice president of Environment Katsuhiko Yokomitsu met with the manufacturers at an event in Tokyo to discuss the changeover and to also request the co-operation of the industry in making the transition a smooth one.

Yokomitsu added, “I would like the lighting industry to help us move toward a changeover by taking on the challenge of making high-quality LED lighting readily available across the country”. Reports say that some of the industry leaders have actually stopped the production of incandescent light bulbs starting this year.

After the major nuclear crisis, faced last year due to the massive earthquake and tsunami, the country has faced major electricity crisis. So it has now become essential to think of new solutions so save electricity.