Popular Luxury car maker, Mercedes Benz has on June 14 launched its C-class AMG Performance Edition for Rs. 34.62 ex-showroom price Maharashtra. The new vehicle has been launched so as to maintain the novelty factor as its competitors have also refreshed their segments.

Debashish Mitra, the Mercedes Benz India director of marketing and sales said, “With the launch of the new C Class AMG, Mercedes-Benz aims to redefine the luxury entry level sedan segment. We are looking at expanding by launching new products and increasing network penetration”. Last year the company sold about 7,430 units last year and became the second largest seller of high end cars after BMW.

BMW sold more than 9,400 cars. Mercedes Benz was once considered as the top luxury car seller in India which is now overtaken by the German car maker BMW. Mitra added that during the January- April period the company sold around 2,499 units.

The firm will now be focusing on launch of new products and will be increasing penetration and introducing new marketing initiative to increase market share. Last week Mercedes Benz launched the third generation M Class SUV which was priced between Rs. 56.9 lakh and Rs. 66 lakh. Moreover, the company has also decided to set up its own high tech paint shop.