The HTC One X has been launched in the market and some of the users are already suffering from a problem caused by the way you hold the smartphone. The problem is very similar to that of Apple when they launched the iPhone 4.

The mobile phone loses signal when the user holds it in a certain way. However, Apple said that the problem is not due to a software bug and they even wonder if HTC’s problem will also end the same way.

The owners of the HTC One X claim that the mobile is facing problem while connecting to Wi-Fi networks and is also suffering from lag in games when it is held in a certain way. The smartphone can also be held in a certain way to get a boost n signal, but this is not the solution for the problem.

HTC has acknowledged the problem and are requesting all users to post a description of the problem on the XDA forums. The support team of HTC are struggling to replicate the issue and it is also possible that the problem might exist only in a small batch of smartphones. No such problems were reported in the review of the phone.