Computer manufacturing giant Dell India has announced that it will be selling its computers based on the free operating system ‘Ubuntu’. The new move from the company will be a major boost to open source software ‘Ubuntu’.

Canonical, the sponsor of the ‘Ubuntu’ software, in a statement said that it has entered in to an agreement with Dell to sell PCs loaded with ‘Ubuntu’. The new Ubuntu Software will be loaded on the Dell Notebooks and laptops only.

Jane Silber, the Canoniccal CEO said, “The machines including the new Inspiron 14R and 15R- will be available with Ubuntu pre-installed from June 21 and more models are slated for release later in the year”. At present Dell sells PCs loaded with proprietary Microsoft Windows operating system which is a paid software.

Canonical will be providing the software free of cost but the charges required for the technical support will be charged from the users if required. Silber added, “The Ubuntu loaded PCs will be sold in 850 retail outlets in India”. Silber also added that the deal is also a part of the strategy to increase the penetration in the Indian market. The focus of the company is to build a private cloud computing system for business houses in India.