The authorities of China have shut down 89 websites for assuming the names of the government organizations or charity groups to conduct fraudulent activities. Starting from the month of March, many of the websites have been shut, which claim to serve anti corruption and law enforcements.

A statement was released from the State Internet Information Office. The websites which have been shut had fabricated negative news stories and also threatened to post them online if the targeted businesses or the individuals did not pay the ‘under the table’ money.

Some of the other cases saw counterfeit media licenses as well as journalist certificates on sale for thousands of yuan. Some of them even formed alliances to jointly demand ransoms from organizations, companies and individuals.

The Ministry of Public Security revealed one such case in the month of March in which the authorities shut down a fake police website and arrested four suspects behind the operation. The site which called itself ‘China Internet Supervision and Investigation Authority’ claimed to help customers who had fallen victims of online fraud to recover their losses, but the sites asked them to pay service fees or deposits. The statement said that the Chinese government has vowed to continue to crack down on fraudulent websites.