An aircraft of the Indian Air Force on June 23, had to make an emergency landing at the International airport in Guwahati due to a technical glitch. The IL 76 ‘Gajrat’ aircraft was on its way to Guwahati from Bangalore when it developed engine problems mid-air.

The aircraft was forced to hover above the airport for more than two hours to burn the fuel before it makes an emergency landing at around noon. The officials said that all those onboard are safe.

Apart from the two pilots the aircraft had two crew members and was also carrying IAF personnel. However the authorities did not reveal the exact number of passengers onboard.

Reports say that the technical problem developed in two of the four engines on the aircraft. The pilots then had to make an emergency landing with the help of the two remaining engines. Necessary arrangements were made before the aircraft landed, so as to deal in case of any emergency situation.