Four year old Mahi, who was trapped for about four days, was pulled out dead from a borewell in Kasna Village in Haryana. The child fell in to the well on June 20, 2012 and the post mortem report said that she dies of asphyxia just a couple of hours after she fell in to the well.

The well was about 70 feet deep and an Army personnel brought out the decomposed body after 86 hours of non stop rescue operation. The operation to rescue the child was launched soon after the child fell in to the well on Wednesday night during her birthday celebrations.

The rescue was delayed for about 48 hours as they ran in to a rocky terrain which became even more difficult to rescue the child. The child was wrapped in a green cloth and was immediately rushed to the ESIC Hospital, amidst loud applause by the locals gathered at the spot.

Unfortunately, the child was declared dead on arrival at the hospital after which the body was sent out to the Gurgaon Civil Hospital mortuary. Reports of post-mortem revealed that the child died of asphyxia just a few hours after she fell in to the well. The body of the child was found bloated in the tunnel.