In some good news for the passengers, who need to get the real time information about their trains, a team from IIT Kanpur and the Indian Railways have developed a real time train information service. With the help of the new service, a person can know the exact location of the train by just sending an SMS to a number.

Railway Ministry officials revealed that the user has to type train number and SMS it to 09415139139 or 0966139139 to get the information. The service will also be available for the laptops users through an interactive platform which emits the need for telephonic inquiry.

At present the service is available for 36 pairs of trains (up and down) for the trains like Rajdhani, Duronto and Shatabdi. The new service will soon be able to cover all the other trains in the next 18 months.

The project has been estimated investment of Rs.121 crores and there are plans to install a Rs. 50,000 signal receiver on each train which will help transmit its location. A clearance has also obtained from the India Space Research Operation (ISRO) to operate the pilot system through the satellite. The railways have also asked permission to use the satellite for other trains as well.