Things have become even more difficult for the already ailing airline Kingfisher Airlines, as the lessors have taken back 34 aircrafts. But the company has claimed that they have returned the aircrafts voluntarily.

Moreover, 15 more aircrafts have been grounded due to non-availability of spare parts. And now the airline is left with just 15 planes to carry out operations. As many as 34 aircrafts from Kingfisher have been taken from the lessors between the month of March and June due to the non-payment of lease rentals, which now stand out at around Rs. 1,000 crores.

The airlines insists that they have returned the aircrafts voluntarily and that no aircraft has been taken by force. A spokesperson from Kingfisher said in a text message, “There have been no forced returns of the aircraft to the lessors. Whenever we have returned planes, we have voluntarily done so”.

So now the airlines has just 15 aircrafts and has stopped the international operations. Today the airline operates only 100 odd flights with the remaining aircrafts. Vijay Mallya, has a debt of Rs. 7,500 crore and has also reported a loss of 1151.5 crores for the quarter ending March. Kingfisher since its inception has not reported any profit.