The new version of the tablet ‘Aakash’ has been unveiled ad has been named as ‘Aakash 2’ which is soon expected to hit the stores in India. The new and revised tablet is primarily for the students, who can be spared of carrying the weight of several books to school.

The new ‘Aakash 2’ will have a faster processor, longer battery life and more programming capability than the earlier version. The Indian government believes that the low cost tablets will help in revolutionise the internet access across the country.

The only issue is the distribution as just a few schools have received the tablets. After a right to information request was filed by Indian media blog Medianama it showed that just 572 of the first devices have been distributed and has reached just 20 colleges.

Information technology minister, Kapil Sibal told a group of teachers and students who gathered to see the Aakash 2, “There was some delay in taking the project forward for reasons I don’t want to go into”. The sample devices of the Aakash 2 are at present being tested, while the manufacturing is projected to begin by the month of July or August. The UK based manufacturer Datawind will be manufacturing the ‘Aakash 2’ tablets.