Auto manufacturer, Hyundai Motors is now considering to launch their entire range of diesel cars in the Indian market. Considering the massive hike in the prices of diesel, more customers are now shifting towards buying diesel cars.

But the company is yet to decide on the timing and the set up of new diesel engine manufacturing plant in the Indian market . Hyundai and other companies are holding their plans on their investments as there is still uncertainty over the government’s decision over the proposed additional duties in the diesel cars.

Arvind Saxena, the director of marketing and sales of Hyundai Motors India said, “When we look at the diesel engine plant, we are looking at all kind of engines we have globally available with us.” Saxena added, “If there is a requirement, then why not? We may have to bring in some changes to suit the fuel norms in the country, and that we can do once we will have a full-fledged diesel engine plant here.”

At present the company is concentrating over the option of launching its 1.1 diesel version of their small car Hyundai i10 in the country. The 1.1 version of Hyundai cars are currently sold in the European market. The cars even delivers a good average of 23 KMPL.