Though the monsoon in India started off in time, it has slowed down 18 percent below average in the week to June 27. The slowdown in Monsoon was confirmed by the weather office on its website on June 28, which has reflected a lull phase over the oil seed growing areas of central India.

In India the monsoon rains are important for the farms as it is an agriculture driven country. The rains are important for the output of the farms and even the economic growth as about 55 percent of the south Asia’s arable land depends on rain.

The farm sector accounts for 15 percent of a nearly $2 trillion economy which is Asia’s third biggest. The rain has narrowed down in the third week which ended on June 20 to 5 percent below average after recording 36 to 50 percent below average rainfall in the first weeks of the rain which lasts fpr four months.

However, an official from the meteorological Department said, “We expect a slight revival over southern and eastern parts by July 1-July 2”. Rainfall is also expected in areas where monsoon has already passed. The delay in rain worries the farmers as it is the peak time for sowing seeds.