The Consumer Commission of Delhi State has directed Tata Motors and one of its authorised dealers in Delhi to pay Rs. 1.93 lakh to a customer for selling him a new Indica car, which did not deliver adequate performance. The order by the commission came after an appeal by Tata Motors and its authorised dealer Mirkana Engineering Ltd against a district forum judgement which asked them to replace the car.

The earlier judgement had asked the company to replace the car with the same model or refund Rs. 2.80 Lakh to the complainant. A state commission’s bench of its President, Justice Barkat Ali Zaidi asked Tata Motors and its authorised dealers to pay city resident Pradyot Kumar Singh Rs. 1.73 lakh, the cost of the car after cutting the depreciation and also a sum of Rs. 20,000 as compensation for mental agony, harassment and sheer suffering.

The car was purchased Singh in the year 2006 and had manufacturing defects. The Indian auto giant Tata Motors and the authorised dealer had approached the state commission against the district’s forum order saying that the car was properly attended in the workshop.

The company even claimed that the problem if any, was rectified without any charge.