Asia Bizz: Its pouring trouble for the near bankrupt Kingfisher Airlines. After Air India Pilots, a section of the Kingfisher airline pilots have gone on strike over the non-payment of salaries on July 2, 2012. The pilots have alleged that the airline has not paid their salaries for the past five months.

The strike of pilots has forced the airline to cancel four of its flights from Mumbai. Our sources from the airline, on the condition of anonymity, said that the airline management has deployed executive pilots to carry out the truncated operations.

The spokesperson of the airline confirmed the strike but refrained from providing more details. It was also revealed that a meeting of all employees including the pilots, engineers and cabin crew has been convened in Mumbai on July 2, 2012 so that further course of action could be chalked out.

Some of the pilots of the airline had gone on strike in the month of May due to the non payment of salaries, but then returned to work after the management assured them of the payment of salaries. The pilots were assured only after some tough talks with Vijay Mallya who allegedly told the pilots to report to work or lose their jobs. Kingfisher is struggling to pay the salaries since the month of February and is not even able to pay the dues to the oil companies.