Japan is at present going through a rainy season, while the other parts of the world are facing a threat of drought. In some relief for such threats, the Tsukuba University research team on June 23 announced that their attempt at making rain was successful.

The team, for the artificial rain, used an ingredient found in a can of Coke. In the month of February the team sprayed with a liquid form of carbonic acid for about an hour with a help of a plane over the clouds.

After some time the precipitation occurred over the neighbouring islands and in some cases reached up to 10mm per hour. When the liquid carbonic acid is sprayed in to the cloud , it begins the to evaporate.

This then lowers the temperature around it hard and fast after which it accelerates the process and makes the clouds grow. The droplets of water turn in to ice crystals and they grow heavier and turn in to rain. The earlier method of artificial rain used silver iodide instead of carbonic acid in the same time. But the recent method is more efficient and reliable and gives more prospects of a good rain.