After the major Fukushima nuclear disaster, a Japanese Parliamentary panel is all set to release its reports in to the handling of the nuclear disaster at Fukushima, after many months of hearing. The report is expected to be critical for the plant operator Tokyo Electric Power as well as the government officials.

On the other hand the first reactor of the plant which has been shut down since last year’s disaster has been put in to working and has also started generating electricity. The restart of the nuclear reactor was ordered by Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda in the month of June but had to face protests.

In December 2011, the parliamentary panel in its interim findings said that Tokyo Electric Power and the country’s nuclear body had failed to ”take precautionary measures in anticipation that a severe accident could be caused by a tsunami such as the one which hit”.

Even the then Prime Minister Naoto Kan was criticised for being uninterested and slow to respond to the crisis which in turn delayed the dissemination of the information to the public. Many of the members even said that Kan had distracted the workers at the plant by making numerous phone calls.