Now that the tourism in the state of Kashmir is taking off, the Jamiat – e – Islami has asked the state tourism department to impose a dress code for the tourists visiting the Valley, especially those from the foreign countries. Zajid Ali a spokesperson from Jamiat said that the tourists must be instructed not to wear clothes which are contrary to the local ethos and culture.

Ali said, “Some tourists, mostly foreigners, are seen inmini-skirts and other objectionable dresses that are against our ethos and culture, and unacceptable to civil society”. The spokesperson also added that the Kashmiris cannot give up their divine values for the sake of their economy.

On the other hadn the tourism department ignored the demand. An official said, “We can’t instruct tourists to visit in a particular kind of dress. This won’t be taken well internationally”. So far more than four lakh tourists have visited Kashmir and the government is expecting another 13 lakh this year.

While talking about the dress code, the Jamiat said that the influence of foreign culture was a well planned design of the anti-Islamic forces so that they deviate the Kashmiri Muslims from their religious ethos. The Jamiat also said that the tourists on the pretext of tourism promote alcoholism, vulgarity, drug trafficking and other such immoral activities.