All the 128 passengers and the crew members on an Air India flight from Abu Dhabi to Delhi were safely landed after, the aircraft made an emergency landing. The flight landed in Pakistan after a false alarm when the pilots thought that all the three hydraulic systems were overheated.

A senior official of Air India said, “A computer display error caused the instrumentation to display a hydraulic problem”. The official added, “The plane was checked by our engineers flown from Delhi and the hydraulic systems were found to be fine.”

An aviation expert, Captain Mohan Ranganathan said, “A hydraulic problem could result in loss of flight controls, such as brakes”. The flight was in Pakistan when the alarm went off due to which the passenger safety was kept in mind and the pilot of the aircraft decided to land at the Nawabshah airport in Sindh, Pakistan.

At 4:15 am the aircraft made a safe landing. A relief flight was then despatched to bring back the passengers with engineering personnel and material. The official said, “This is an extreme occurrence. We will have a full-fledged inquiry”. New Delhi thanked Pakistan for facilitating the emergency landing of the aircraft. Sources said that the Pakistan authorities went out of their way to ensure that the flight passengers and crew had faced no inconvenience.