Social networking giant Facebook has launched its application centre in India as well as six other countries. The new move will help the users to find music games and media content easily.

The app centre was launched by Facebook last month in the US. Drew Hoskins the Facebook software engineer in a blog said “The App Center is now available to everyone in the U.S., Australia, Canada, India, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, and the U.K.”.

In addition the users said that it will be launching the App Centre to the users on Brazil, Germany, France, Spain, Taiwan and Turkey in the upcoming weeks. The launch of the new Facebook app Centre is said to be a part of the plan to expand its reach to the large number of users with 80 percent residing outside the US and Canada.

Hoskins added, “App Center makes it easier for people around the world to discover the best apps and games for them, wherever they are”. The App Centre can be accessed through a menu link on the left side of or through one of the main navigational bookmarks in Facebook mobile apps. The centre also allows the users to search for apps that integrate with Facebook and delivers individualized recommendations.