Around 20 men on July 9, 2012 molested a teenage girl in full public view near the Christian Basti area in Guwahati. A teenaged girl was lifted up pulled by her hair, groped, slapped, and stripped at a busy road.

Reports say that the girl was returning home after a party at a city bar and the Assam Police has identified seven men from the video footage which has gone viral on the internet. So far the police has managed to arrest only three people.

Jayanto N Chaudhary the Assam DGP has promised action against the accused and said, “We have identified seven and arrested three… Four more to be arrested… The girl had gone to celebrate a friend’s birthday… There (at the bar) they had a fight and the management asked them to leave as they were ceating a ruckus over there… they came out and some hooligans saw her and tried to take advantage of her… She was assaulted but is not hospitalised… Whatever is there in the law books, we will do accordingly thanks to the coverage of media… They have been a great help”. The girl had some argument with a young man at the bar who passed an obscene remark on her.

The video has shown 20 men brutally assaulting the minor girl pulling her hair and beating her up.