Shravan and Sanjay from Chennai in the state of Tamil Nadu, are probably the youngest mobile application developers around the world. They are just 10 and 14 years old and already three of their apps are available for download on the iPads and iPhones.

The first one is a game which is called ‘Catch Me Cop’. There is an application for children to learn alphabets and a prayers app for those on the move. The downloads of the application has crossed 10,000 mark with the users from across the country.

Shravan and Sanjay are brothers and their father Kumaran is a IT expert, who introduced them to the computers at an early age. Sanjay said that he and his brother were super excited when their app was accepted by Apple. Sanjay added, “There are millions of apps in Apple stores. For me such a young developer to get my apps published, wow”.

While talking about their inspiration the boys took the names of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. Sanjay and Shravan want to specialise in educational apps. At present the budding techies are developing an app for those who miss classes. Shravan explained that when the students miss classes, this would record all the class room activities and put it on the cloud.