Asia Bizz: Simmtronics, which is an India-based computer technology company, has launched its XPad tablet series in the UAE. Reports say that it is one of the most affordable devices and is priced at Dh299.

Arif Khan, the director of Simmtronics said, “We found that rather than calling our product – Sim Pad or Simmontric Pad – we decided to name it ‘XPad’. It’s a short name and is very easy to recall just like the iPad”.

The manufacturers are based in New Delhi which produces memory modules, motherboards, tablets and netbooks. The company on July 11, 2012 said that it could even customize the tablet for as low as $40 (Dh147).

Indrajit Sabharwal, the chairman of Simmtronics said, “We can custom make any price range tablet… we are working on introducing one that will meet the requirements of students in the Middle East”.

At present,  the company has an order booking of 500,000 units, while the manufacturing capacity of the company stands at 300,000 units per month, which is expected to be ramped up to 600,000 units per month by the year end. Khan revealed that the company’s order bookings for the month of July stands at 10,000 units which is expected to increase to 600,000 per month by year end.