Beverage manufacturer Coca-Cola (Japan) Co. Ltd along with Fuji Electric Retail Systems Co Ltd have succeeded in developing the A011, peak shift vending machine. The new vending machine has been developed as a part of the Apollo ultra energy saving vending machine development project.

The machine can operate without power for cooling for up to 16 hours per day. In the conventional vending machines, the temperature in the machine slowly increases when it is stopped for a long time as only the portion of the products stored inside it were cooled.

But in the peak shift vending machines, the products are cooled in the night time when more power is available. So the cooling effects in the products are maintained even when the machine is switched off for a long time.

The rise in the temperature is minimum even after the cooling effect has been stopped. Moreover, by using more vacuum insulation materials, the insulation has improved and the machine is not affected as much by outside. The new machine will be field tested until the end of August in Saitama Prefecture’s Kumagaya City and Gifu Prefecture’s Tajimi City, which are the hottest regions in Japan. After verifying the performance of the machine, the company said it will work to maximize their peak shift functionality.