After the return of the three astronauts from the manned space mission on June 29, 2012, they said that they are in good health as they are recovering from their 13 day stay in space. The trio made their first space appearance and have been under the quarantine for the past two weeks as they took rest.

Chen Shanguang, the director of Astronaut Centre of China said, “They have adapted well to gravity on Earth. All physiological indicators are normal now”. The director added, “The weight they lost in space isbeing gained back. They are recovering well, as expected.”

The three astronauts included China’s first female astronaut Liu Yang and looked healthy in a meeting room of the astronauts’ apartment building in a northern suburb of Beijing on July 13, 2012. Jing Haipeng, the commander of the crew said, “We feel good … like how we felt before we took off”.

Research shows that the human beings in weightlessness suffer fluid redistribution and bone and muscle loss. They lose weight and suffer orthostatic intolerance, which means they get dizzy and when they try to stand up from a lying posture after they return to Earth. In the second half of this month, they astronauts will get more rest at the sanatorium. Chen also said that the observation of their health will continue for another three months.