Electronics giant LG Electronics India on July 16, 2012 said that it is targeting the sales turnover of Rs. 350 crore from the state of Kerala. The company has targeted the stated looking at the Approaching Onam festival.

LG also said that looking forward to a Rs. 16, 000 crore sales pan-India during 2012. Onam is considered as one of the biggest festival of Kerala and will be celebrated on August 28, 2012 this year. YV Verman the director Home Appliances of LG Electronics said that the turnover last year was much less.

While announcing the Onam festival plan for the Kerala market, vermin said, that the company is eyeing a sales growth of 20percent this season with a targeting turnover of Rs. 350 crores from the state. The Rs. 16,000 crore is the national target while the Rs. 750 crores is the target for the state of Kerala alone.

LG in recent times has absorbed a lot of extra costs due to the rupee depreciation as well as raw material cost hike , due to which the company has increased the prices of all the products by 15 percent. The new offer known as the ‘Bhagya Sparsham’ will assure gifts on every purchase during the festival of Onam.