After the shameful public molestation case in the state of Assam of a 16 year old girl, the government of Assam has assured that it will take quick action against the culprits involved. On July 9, a minor girl was molested, which was recorded by a local journalist.

Union Home secretary RK Singh contacted the Assam director general of police JN Choudhury for an update in the investigation in to the incident , after which the DGP said that there was a prima facie evidence which reveals that the whole incident was orchestrated by a journalist of a local channel.

The journalist would soon be questioned and arrested. Singh has reportedly told Choudhury to speed up the investigations and arrest all the 14 culprits. So far the state police has arrested seven people.

The government of Assam has constituted a special investigation team which is headed by an SP including a lady officer for speedy investigation and arrest of the remaining youngsters. So as to ensure that such incidents are not repeated in future, the government of Assam has instructed the bar owners to install close circuit cameras and post private security guard on the gate leading to the bar. The video of the molestation of the girl went viral on internet.