Agreements have been finalized by Jetstar Japan with five lessors so as to purchase and lease 24 new Airbus A320 aircraft. All the aircrafts are scheduled to be delivered to the airline in the next three years.

The aircrafts have been sourced through the Quantas Group’s existing fleet orders which allows access to early delivery slots. The commercial operations of the Tokyo based low cost airlines was started on July 3, 2012 with three of the new Airbus A320 aircraft configured for 180 passengers.

The fourth aircraft is due to be delivered next month. The agreements have been made with five of the leading leasing companies which includes Jetstar Japan shareholders Mitsubishi Corporation and Century Tokyo Leasing. Mitsubishi Corporation will be leasing five aircrafts while Century Tokyo will be leasing six aircrafts.

The other lessors include, GE Capital Aviation Services, Hong Kong Aviation Capital and Jackson Square Aviation which will be leasing six, four and three aircrafts respectively. Miyuki Suzuki, Chief executive officer of Jetstar Japan said, “It’s unique for a start-up airline to have completed such a large and complex set of transactions prior to the first flight and it’s a credit to the lessors we have selected”. Before the first flight, Jetstar Japan has sold more than 100,000 fares.