Engineers from a global infotainment company have developed a new technology which allows the drivers to use facial expressions while driving. Facial expressions like nod or a wink could be used to control inside the car.

A gadget has been created which controls the car’s functions using nods and winks. The infrared sensor is mounted on the dash board which recognises the expressions of the driver’s facial expressions to control the car.

A computer inside the car then translates the gestures which corresponds a list of commands for the radio, Sat Nav, mobile phone and heating. Meanwhile, the gestures are being tested before they are being finalized. The gestures include a wink to turn the radio and music player turn on and off.

The new technology also differentiates between accidental blink and a wink by the length of time of the action before turning the radio on or off. Volume can be increased by nodding left and reduced by nodding right. Calls can also be lifted by lifting the receiver gesture with hand and dial by saying the name of the person they wish to call. The air-conditioner and heating can also be controlled by raising and lowering the left and above gear stick which has another computer mounted inside.