After the shameful molestation case of Guwahati, where a teenaged girl was molested in public view, the key accused of the mob molestation case has been arrested. The key accused, Amar Jyoti Kalita surrendered on July 23, 2012 after being on the run for about two weeks.

Reports say that Kalita fled from the Assam after the incident and travelled across the country. For several days Amar was just seen in pictures in a video which showed a shameful scene of a mob molesting a girl. The video went viral on the internet.

Kalita surrendered in Varanasi and was trying to avoid justice while he travelled across the country. The key accused first fled to Bhubaneshwar and from there he went to Mumbai and later returned to Bhubaneshwar. Kalita meanwhile made several calls to the lawyers for an anticipatory bail.

At this point the police was attempting to trace his calls and came to know about his intentions. He even made calls from the Speed Post Office in Howrah and from there he was captured in a CCTV footage. The Assam Police then told his brother and father that he could not continue to run after which Kalita reconsidered. Kalita then contacted the Assam Police and asked for security and with their co-ordination Kalita surrendered to the UP Police.