Maruti Suzuki’s popular hatchback Swift is considered as one of the largest and the best selling cars from the company. But the company is soon expected to run out of stock as it is not expected to revive production at the Manesar plant which was hit by a major violence.

Due to this the waiting period of the customers is likely to increase from two months to six months. This might even affect the sales of the car. S Nakanishi, the Maruti Managing Director said, “We will not be able to make Swift this time as the Manesar plant is totally shut, unlike last year when we were making the car frame and shifting it to Gurgaon for final assembly. This time, we have no certainty on the production schedule of these high-selling cars as the situation is much more grave”.

Swift managed to take over all the other cars in India and even managed to overtake the best and largest selling, Alto hatchback earlier this year as the demand shifted to fuel efficient diesel cars. In the first three months Maruti sold 55,216 Swift which was a year on year rise of 68%.

Even the sales of the compact sedan DZire jumped to 87% to 46,958. The latest problem of Maruti Suzuki has adversely affected its dealers and the management who have been banking on the success of the two models to increase the sales.