Japan based All Nippon Airlines on July 23, 2012 said that it was having five Boeing 787 Dreamliner jets repaired for a defect in the engine. This is the latest problem to hit the airline.

The aircrafts were grounded last week by the Japan based airline after announcement by the Dreamliner’s engine manufacturer Roll Royce. The company spokesperson informed about a problem in its gearbox.

The company spokesperson said, “We’ve exchanged a total of seven engines in five aircraft, cancelling two domestic flights”. The airline said that it suspended the service for two of its planes so that the parts could be replaced.

ANA also grounded three of its planes after Boeing said that more of its aircrafts were at risk. A spokeswoman from ANA said that two of its jets have returned to service and added that Rolls Royce discovered the defect which was a corrosion inside the gear box during endurance tests. A spokesperson from Rolls Royce said, “We have identified that a component on Trent 1000 engines fitted to Boeing 787 Dreamliners has a reduced service life”, and added that no other airlines has been affected. It was also informed that the component is being replaced in a number of engines and that they are working hard to minimise the disruption to the customer operation.