India Against Corruption activist Anna Hazare on August 2, 2012 said that they would enter the electoral ground with an objective to provide a ‘political alternative’ for the corrupt political class. The decision was taken as the government’s non co-operation had forced them to call off their indefinite fast.

The fast will be called off on August 3, at 5 pm without accomplishing their objectives. Hazare assured that the anti-graft campaign will accompany them to support candidates who are committed to patriotism and country’s development.

But the protestor clarified that he would not join or support any political party but actually form an independent group. Hazare said, “it is not wrong to form a political party” and has marked an initial switch from political aloofness from political process.

This has also marked the success of the government who had till now ignored the agitators. Now the fate of the controversial Lokpal Bill is likely to be sent to a cold storage for a while at least. The bill is at present before the parliamentary selection committee which is expected to meet on August 6, 2012. Hazare also said that the plan on how to proceed with the political process would be decided in concert with the public.