The Indian economy has slowed down but still luxury car maker Audi India has on August 3, 2012 launched its new A8-L sedan for the Indian market. The luxury car has been priced at Rs. 1,075 crores and upwards.

The company also has hopes that the sales would go up this year. Michael Perschke, the Audi India head said, “We started the year on favourable economic conditions. We set a target of 8,000 units, but in the January-July period itself, we sold 4,680 units, a growth of 49 per cent over the same period last year. This way, we are hopeful of over-shooting the target”.

The Audi India head added that it plans to introduce its Q7 model in India the board is expected to take decision shortly on producing the Q3 as well. In recent times it can be noted that the luxury car market has not grown and has been constant at 25% this year, while the two traditional German Brands BMW and Merc are reporting flat sales.

However, Audi has been reporting healthy sales month after month. The new A8-L has been equipped with a powerful V8 4.2 DI engine. Perschke while talking about the sedan said that it symbolises true luxe mobility with its opulence, sophistication and aspirational values .