The Crime Branch of Mumbai has written to the Maharashtra Government in which it has sought permission to interrogate Ajmal Kasab. Kasab is the only terrorist who was caught alive after the 26/11 Mumbai attacks in the year 2008.

People familiar with the matter said that the crime branch wants to confront Kasab with the alleged 26/11 handler Zaibuddin Ansari , who was departed to India after he was arrested in Saudi Arabia in the month of June last year. Ansari also known as Abu Jundal had allegedly provided training to Kasab and the other nine men who attacked Mumbai.

Jundal has reportedly shared the details of the ISI officers and the top Lashkar leaders, who were supervising the whole attack from a control room in Karachi. Ansari had along with five handlers instructed the ten terrorists on the ground in Mumbai about how to strike.

The police now wants Kasab to identify Ansari as Jundal, as the handler of 26/11. The crime branch also wants to study the differences and discrepancies in the accounts of the two men about the planning and execution of the 26/11 attack. Ansari is also suspected to have been involved in several other terror attacks and plans in India.