A data has been released by the Environment Ministry in a public opinion poll about environmental issues. The data has mentioned that 88% of the respondents agreed with plans to dispose off the disaster debris from Iwate and Miyagi Prefecture throughout Japan.

The government said that about 1,912 people were asked if the plan to dispose off the debris world nationwide should be carried out. Out of which 88% people responded that it should be carried out or that carrying out the plan was better that not carrying it out.

But the Fukushima Prefecture was excluded from the survey due to concerns over radiation. A spokesperson from the ministry said, “We take these results as a sign that the people of Japan are gradually coming around to accepting the necessity of distributing the debris around the country. However, we acknowledge that it is difficult to say that the opinions of a survey group represent the opinions of the public as a whole.”

A massive earthquake and tsunami hit the Iwate and Miyagi Prefecture in Japan on March 11, 2011. The massive natural disaster left several hundreds of tons of debris, half of which was washed off by the coastal shore but still plenty of debris still remains undisposed.