The survivors of the Hiroshima bombing are still reminded of the deadly day which they faced on August 6, 1945. Sunao Tsuboi, one of the few remaining survivors warns of the nuclear power at a time when Japan deals with the Fukushima crisis.

More than 140,000 people were affected by the heat or the radiation when the US used their deadliest weapon which was dropped on Hiroshima. After about seven decades after the incident, Tsuboi is one of the few survivors, who remembers it as one of the worst ever atomic attack.

Tsuboi is now raising his voice against the nuclear power used in the country especially after the March 11, earthquake and tsunami. The 87 year old said, “In terms of being nuclear victims, we are the same”, while talking about those affected by the Fukushima crisis.

Tsuboi narrated that he was on his way to the university when the bomb exploded over Hiroshima in a flash of a blinding light and intense heat. The survivor added that he still wants to see a nuclear free world while he is alive as the nuclear technology is beyond human wisdom. The nuclear reactors in Japan help to meet a third of the country’s electricity needs.