UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi on the first day of the monsoon session on August 8, 2012 became furious when LK Advani termed the 2009 Lok Sabha elections and the UPA II as illegitimate. Gandhi did not leave a moment to react to Advani’s remarks on Wednesday.

After the BJP moved an adjournment motion in the Assam violence Advani said, “The UPA-II is illegitimate. It has never happened in the history of India… crores of rupees were never spent to get votes”.

But Sonia did not hide her anger and the members of the treasury benches and her party leaders asked Advani to withdraw his statement. The house then broke in to a verbal violence as the BJP members launched a counter attack while Gandhi had placed pone demand.

Sonia said, “Withdraw, withdraw one word, withdraw.” The UPA chairperson made one thing clear that that no one should walk in to the well and she even marshalled her men to be on the offensive side and not to allow the BJP to get away without retracting the word. On the other hand Minister Ashwin Kumar was heard saying that Advani had tried to cast aspersions on the democracy and on the political system as the Congress had won the elections.