As the strike of the pilots of the ailing Kingfisher Airlines continues to disrupt the flight schedules, the chairman of the airlines Vijay Mallya has written an open letter to its employees. Mallya in the letter has termed the protest as disruptive and has warned the agitator that they could quit if they feel that their action was justified.

Mallya in the letter added, “the airline would be re- capitalised whether the government changes the current FDI policy or not”. This is the third letter by the chairman to its staffers in which he said, “If some colleagues feel that I will be pressurised by flight cancellations, they are wrong. Instead, I will stop my own support as a few are effectively holding the entire Company to ransom…”

The letter further said, “If a section of our colleagues feel their actions are justified and that they know best, they can elect to leave our company. But such threats and disruptive actions are not acceptable. The actions of a few can adversely affect all of us.” The letter from the chairman came after at least 16 Kingfisher flights were cancelled which include 10 from Mumbai and six from Delhi.

On August 8, 2012 about 30 flights were cancelled and the airline is also due to announce their quarterly results shortly.