Yoga guru Ramdev Baba, who has launched a protest to bring back black money, has asked the Prime Minister of India to follow the principles of honesty and integrity in his personal and professional capacities. Ramdev added that if black money comes back then it will solve the problem of Maoists and Naxals.

Apart from the protest, the yoga guru has also asked the people to join him to celebrate the festival of Janmashtami at Ramlila Maidan. On the day two of the protest the guru has urged the people to join him on his fight against corruption.

Ramdev also asked his followers to display by a show of hands who wished to join him in Haridwar as trainees against corruption for a period of three years. Ramdev said, “I am not against any political party. We don’t aim to dislodge anyone from power. My doors are also open for Sonia Gandhi. I have no political agenda. My only agenda is to protect our nation’s prosperity. I am sitting on a symbolic fast for 3 days”.

On August, 9, 2012 Baba Ramdev asked the government to legislate a strong anti corruption ombudsman and set up an independent appointment process for the CBI chief, election commissioners, CVC and CAG and ensure the return of black money.