After being ignored by the government, yoga guru Baba Ramdev has decided to take his protests against black money and corruption to the Parliament. Ramdev has also vowed that he would oust the Congress from the next Lok Sabha Polls.

Ramdev while addressing his protestors in New Delhi said, “The government has become completely deaf. We have to make them hear us. Now our protest will be outside Parliament. We are not talking about gherao”. The yoga guru added, “Lok Sabha polls will be in 2014 and 99 per cent could be in 2013. This protest is to ensure that no dishonest person enters Parliament. Such people should be boycotted. We do not have a political agenda”.

Ramdev began his fast at the Ramlila Ground in the capital city on August 9, 2012 and has alleged that the government has become insensitive. He also said that the government has become deaf, blind and insensitive. The yoga guru also added that the government is in coma and it will die but they do not want anyone to die but the government is inviting death.

Ramdev assured that they would sit in a dharna outside the Parliament. Media reports have said that he might even face arrest if he tries to march towards the Parliament.