Masao Yoshida, the chief of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, at the time of the quake and tsunami disaster said that he never considered withdrawing from the increasing crisis despite the fear of his life. The chief in a rare public comments video message released over the weekend expressed his thoughts.

Masao said, “I thought my fellow workers and I could die when huge amounts of debris flew off” the plant after an explosion”. The 57 year old had said that the scene was like hell and his message was played at an event in Fukushima Prefecture which discussed the disaster.

The chief added, “I did not suggest to headquarters that (we should) retreat and never thought about it”. Yoshida also said that if they had left there and could not have poured water in to the reactors then there would have been more serious radiation leaks, which would have led to a dire calamity.

The workers in desperate attempts to stop the disaster last year in the month of March had pour4ed water in to the plant and tried to cool down the overheating reactors. The deadly tsunami had shut down the cooling system of the reactors of the plant and also sent some of them to meltdown.