The government of Japan is considering to deport 14 Chinese activists, who were arrested for landing on a disputed island. The activists were trying to defuse a worsening fued between Asia’s biggest economies.

However, the risk of an escalating confrontation remains. The dispute over the islands in the East China Sea, which are the vast maritime gas fields, has created differences between the two Asian neighbouring countries.

The Japanese media has said that the activists, who planted a Chinese flag on the rocky and uninhabited isle, will be deported of the authorities found that they had not done anything else illegal. China and Japan have launched protests over the incident and Tokyo has also launched a complaint with the Chinese ambassador and Beijing demanding their unconditional and immediate release.

The ruling Communist party of China is pre-occupied with a looming leadership change, which can increase its focus on the internal stability and deter it from seeming soft on Japan. Japan is a country which many Chinese still associate it with wartime brutality. The riot police and plain clothes security guards have surrounded Japan’s embassy in Beijing. Only one lobe protestor hold up a sign before being told to move on after about ten minutes.