The anti nuclear demonstrators in Japan on August 17, 2012 recalled the horror of the World War II days after the region marked the Tokyo’s surrender about seven decades back. There were thousands of marchers who took the streets in Tokyo for a weekly rally in front of the Prime Minister’s office and parliament to pressure the government to drop its policy of using nuclear power.

Japan on Wednesday marked the 67th anniversary of Japan’s surrender during World War II, after the United States dropped nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. An elderly man after he grabbed the microphone near the parliament said, “I came here today because I worry about the lives of children and the future”.

The man also said that the current government’s push for the nuclear power reminded him of the Tokyo’s totalitarian governance during the war. The totalitarian government had forced the people to enlist and live in poverty under the strict state control.

The protestor added, “At that time, Japanese people received orders from the government and big businesses that slighted their lives”. The protestor added that the government and the big businesses are ignoring people’s lives. The protestors had chanted slogans against the prime minister Yoshihiko Noda, who decided on the restart of the nuclear plants.