The government of Japan on August 19, 2012 announced that three towns have been chosen in Fukushima Prefecture as the potential locations for long term storage of radioactive debris and top soil. This is one of the decontamination activities in the area around the stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.

Goshi Hosono, the Environment Minister and also the minister in charge of nuclear crisis said, “12 sites will be built in Futaba (two), Okuma (nine) and Naraha (one), 12 sites will be built in Futaba (two), Okuma (nine) and Naraha (one)”. Hosono was speaking at the meeting of the municipal officials and said that the government plans to conduct geological surveys to establish the suitability of the 12 sites for the storage of radioactive material.

After the meeting Hosono told a news conference that the government plans to ask for further cooperation from other towns and villages in the future. On the other hand the officials from the three towns towards the idea of the meeting, did not appear much interested.

The officials were reportedly been resisting the selection due to the lack of agreement on the compensation packages. The officials also added that they cannot give a reply unless they discuss the matter with the residents.