Japanese electronics manufacturer Sony Corp has on August 20, 2012 announced the commercialization of Exmor RS. The Exmor RS is the world’s first CMOS image sensor which incorporated a unique and newly developed stacked structure.

Sony will also be introducing three models for use in the smartphones and tablets which combine the superior image quality and advanced functionality with compact size. Three corresponding image models will also be launched by Sony incorporating these sensors.

Sony will be launching two of the three Exmor RS models IMX 135 a type 1/3.06 model with 13.13 effective megapixels and also the IMX 134, a type ¼ model with 8.08 effective megapixels which feature the RGBW coding function and High Dynamic Range movie function.

The new coding system can capture sharp and clear images even in the low light conditions like the dark room or at night by featuring white pixels in addition to conventional red green blue pixels. The other Exmor RS model is the ISX 14, a type ¼ model with 8.08effective mega pixels which has a built in camera signal processing function. Apart from the higher mage quality and superior functionality the usage of stacked structure has helped Sony in achieving a more compact size.