After a grand opening of the Angry Birds retail outlet in China in the month of July, the company Rovio Entertainment Ltd had expected a lot in terms of sales. The Finnish company had announced a target of a billion fans for the popular game through brick and mortar stores but unfortunately the sales have not been so encouraging.

When a group of girls entered the store located at the underground floor of the Grand Gateway mall in one of the Shanghai’s central business districts Xujiahui, they walked out just five minutes later. when asked the reason, the girls said “Those products are not cheap at all, especially when you compare them with the price online”.

While talking about online, they were not talking about the Rovio’s official e-store on, but the pirated spin-offs which are flooding the other websites. It is actually true as an Angry Birds T-Shirt costs 258 yuan in the store and an iPhone case sells for 138 yuan.

On the other hand the fakes can be bought through unauthorised channels at a fifth to the one-third of the price of the authentic ones. The global chief marketing officer of the company denied to reveal the official sales figures of the online stores.