The government has announced a ban on the bulk SMSs and MMSs for 15 days starting from August 17, 2012 across the country. But this measure from the government has affected the festive spirit of the people in the country especially during the Parsi New Year and Eid celebrations.

The ban of the SMSs and MMSs have been imposed so as to stop the spread of rumours which has led to the exodus of the Northeast people from certain states in the country. Arul Bright the Chief Operating Officer at Idea Cellular limited Gujarat said, “We have already following the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) directive and accordingly a customer is allowed to send maximum five SMSs or MMSs in a day even if he sends it to multiple users or to one user.”

Bright added that it has been imposed on the prepaid as well as post paid users. The Chief operating officer added that many festivals are lined up due to which many people and service providers will be affected but they have so far not figured out any solution.

The problem has affected the subscribes at a time when the festivities continue with Onam and Jain New Year.