Yoshihiko Noda the Prime Minister of Japan on August 22, 2012 meta delegation of the anti-nuclear protestors at his official residence. The prime minister met the representatives from the loosely structured network of groups, who oppose the nuclear energy in Japan known as the Metropolitan Coalition Against Nukes.

The group has been protesting outside Noda’s residence, since the prime minister permitted to restart the two reactors in Oi nuclear power plant in Fukui Prefecture . Before the meeting with the protestors, the prime minister said that he hopes to convince the group of Japan’s need to utilize nuclear power in the short term as it works out long term energy policy.

Noda had to twice call off the meetings due to other political issues. The members of the cabinet were divided on their opinions on when Noda should be meeting the protestors. Yukio Edano the Industry minister said that the meeting between the prime minister and a specific organization may cause misunderstanding in terms of fairness and transparency.

The massive earthquake and tsunami last year in the month of March had caused a major nuclear crisis as the Fukushima nuclear plant reactors went in to meltdown. The meltdown of the reactors had resulted in the leakage of radiations which threatened the lives of the people in Japan.