The Prime Minister of Japan Yoshihiko Noda for the first time met the anti-nuclear protestors. But the meeting received mixed reviews on August 23, 2012 and some of the media camps said that it had only highlighted an unbridgeable gap.

On August 22, 2012 Noda met about a dozen of representatives from the crowd of thousands who gathered in front of his office every week arguing that Japan does not need any nuclear energy. The meeting lasted for 30 minutes and was held in the conference room at the Prime Minister’s office and webcast live.

The meeting saw no agreement between the two parties while Noda said that Japan was working on phasing out dependence on nuclear power in the mid to long term. The Yomiuri Shimbun dismissed the sit down and said that the issue has been extensively discussed in the parliament. at the enws conferences and public hearings.

Yomiuri, which has for a long time argued that Japan needs nuclear energy to power the world’s third largest economy, said that the government and the protestors will never reach to an agreement. Many of the reactor in Japan went in to meltdown after the March 11, 2012 earthquake and tsunami. The meltdown of the reactors had led to the leakage of the radiations.