A month back there were reports that the girls in a village in Uttar Pradesh were banned on the usage of cell phone. And now a Panchayat (Village body) in the state of Rajasthan has banned the usage of cell phones by minor girls.

The Panchayat has also directed the girls to cover their heads when they go out of home. Moreover, even the minor boys have been directed by the village council not to play music on their mobile phones.

Restrictions have been imposed in Kishorepura village near Udaipurwati town of Jhunjhunu district which is 200 kms from Jaipur. BImla Meena, the Kishorepura Sarpanch said, “The panchayat recently held a general meeting in which village elders expressed the view that mobile phones were spoiling girls”.

After the meeting the elders decided to call for a ban on the usage of the mobile phones by the minor girls from the village. Meena added, “The minor girls have been asked not to use and carry mobile phones. They have also been directed to wear proper clothes. They will have to keep their heads covered with stole. It would make them look decent”. One of the residents of the village said that the order of the Panchayat has been accepted and will be followed by all.

Photo Credits: Guardian